Cooperative Systems Named One of the Best Places to Work by The Hartford Business Journal

We’re proud to announce that Cooperative Systems (CoopSys) was recently named as one of the Best Places to Work in Connecticut by The Hartford Business Journal (HBJ). HBJ’s annual award program, co-created along with Best Companies Group, recently published their 15th annual awards last month.

HBJ’s survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best employers in Connecticut who are directly benefiting the state’s economy, workforce, and businesses. Their list consists of a total of 37 companies which are split into two categories: 21 small/medium-sized companies, defined as 15-199 US employees, and 16 large-sized companies, defined as 200 or more US employees. Cooperative Systems proudly ranks under the small/medium category for the 9th consecutive year.

Winners are determined by the results of a two-part survey process. The first survey collects and evaluates information regarding all company applicants’ workplace policies, practices, philosophies, systems, and demographics. The second survey gathers and measures employee experiences at the company. Then, the Best Companies Group scores and combines the survey results and analyzes them to determine which businesses made the final Best Places list.

CoopSys is honored to have made the list for the 9th consecutive year. “Our growth is, in large part, a reflection of our intentional strategy to attract and retain the best talent,” says President, Scott Spatz. “Though it can be challenging to find and retain good people, we’ve made it a priority. It’s a testament to why we’re so successful today. We’re incredibly grateful for our phenomenal team,” Spatz says.

CoopSys invests heavily in both its team member recruitment and retention process. They take the time to ensure that new hires align with CoopSys core business values, which include being personable, adaptable, accountable, and dedicated to success.

In addition, CoopSys prides itself on fostering stronger connections among team members both on and off the job. During the workday, team members are quick to jump in and assist each other during the problem-solving process. In addition, they’re eager to celebrate company and personal wins together. Happy hours, celebration dinners, and honoring work anniversaries are common fare at CoopSys.

They also plan multiple family-friendly events like their “Bring kids and fur babies to workday” and annual summer outing. These events give everyone the chance to relax and have fun as a team. “It’s like the old adage says, the family that plays together, stays together,” says Bob DeLisa, Founder and CEO. Bob also adds, “We’re honored and thrilled to be named among the Best Places to Work for so many years in a row. It speaks volumes about our culture.”

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