An Update from the Breast Friends Fund

To my wonderful friends, family, sponsors, and community of supporters, 

I hope that you and your families are doing well, staying safe, healthy, and hopeful through these difficult times in our world.  

I know we have all experienced sadness, hardship, and loss during this pandemic. But there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel! 

Unfortunately for someone like me, with a stage IV diagnosis, it’s hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel without a cure. Sometimes I wonder if I will make it out of the tunnel. 

As many of you know this past year has been one failed treatment after another. Additionally, I have had to go get every biopsy, blood work, scan, treatment, and doctor appointment alone. To receive the bad news of failed treatment by myself has been incredibly challenging. Having failed treatments is never easy but dealing with this while isolating during a pandemic is unthinkable.  

As hard as this has been on me, imagine how hard it has been on my family as they watch me leave alone for appointments.  They feel helpless despite them being my biggest support. 

In early November I began the most challenging treatment of my Metastatic Breast cancer diagnosis.

This treatment has caused mouth and tongue sores, burning of my hands and feet, and a full-body rash. Even though this treatment has been hard on me we also found out last month that IT IS WORKING and shrinking my cancer!

We are hopeful again, and relieved for this victory!  

The light at the end of the tunnel is now a little brighter. 

I know your prayers, positive thoughts, and Breast Friends Fund donations have helped get us here, and for that, we are so deeply grateful. 

Did you know that since we founded The Breast Friends Fund six years ago, you have helped us raised over $ 590,000?! This is over halfway to our one million dollar goal! 

There are not enough words to express the generosity that you have all shown us, as every dollar donated goes directly towards life-saving research which has helped to keep me, and countless others, alive the past 6 years! 

Many of you have reached out about our March event, Taste the Cure. With the guidance and encouragement of many, we decided to postpone the event until we can safely be together. 

Unfortunately, I cannot postpone my treatment, and the Dana Farber research funded by Breast Friends needs your support now more than ever.

Please take a minute to watch this video about my journey 

and what the support you have given me means to me and my family:

You can see how every dollar you contribute can make a difference in the search for a cure. 

We thank you for making your donations here:

Any donation is greatly appreciated. No amount is too small.  Your support truly means everything to me and my family.  

(Sandy Cassanelli, Breast Friends Fund Founder & Volunteer)

Learn more at

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