MARC, Inc. Celebrates Anniversary Of Virtual Day Services

MARC, Inc. of Manchester is pleased to announce that it will achieve the one-year milestone for offering virtual day services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  A virtual celebration in the style of a Hollywood awards show is scheduled for the evening of March 23, 2021.

One year ago, MARC, Inc. was the first service provider in the State of Connecticut to offer a way to connect and receive services virtually when congregate settings closed due to coronavirus in the area. Praised for this initial triumph, MARC’s Virtual Day Services really caught on and what at first was thought to be a temporary stop gap has become a tool for growth and a real silver lining of this pandemic year.  While programming was initially run completely by staff, in recent months MARC individuals have been taking charge as well. Life with Lacey, for example, features MARC, Inc. employee and Project SEARCH graduate Lacey Eaton, talking about how to prepare oneself for independent living, a very important topic among those with IDD. 

MARC, Inc. will celebrate its anniversary with the Zoomie Awards, consisting of highlights from the last year, appreciation to all who had a hand in making Virtual Day Services successful, and a fun People’s Choice award segment.  For an invitation to this virtual event please contact Mary-Ellen Callahan at 860-646-5718. 

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