Introducing: The HORST Dreidel!

HORST Engineering has designed and manufactured many interesting items during its long history. The HORST Dreidel is the company’s latest “invention.”

It was first designed for a 2017 Family Day event for employees and their families — as a demonstration of the company’s processes. This year, it has been improved and now is available in a limited-edition production run for 2020.

“It turned out that once we posted photos of the dreidel on social media, we had an abundance of inquiries about purchasing them, so we decided to try our hand at having them available to the public. The response has been great!” said HORST President, Scott Livingston.

Livingston said, “Our precision aerospace components go to customers all over the world. At Family Day, kids would see our parts and ask, ‘what does it do?’ and all we could say, really, was that it was a part for a new aircraft. Now, when we show them a dreidel and they ask what it does, we say, ‘give it a spin’ and you will see.’

Each of the dreidels are precision machined using the same materials, technology, and craftsmanship that goes into the company’s aerospace products.

“Frankly, each dreidel is a great example of Horst precision manufacturing and has become an amusing way to demonstrate our abilities to new customers,” Livingston said.  “And you don’t have to be Jewish to love it”

The dreidels, a toy typically used during the Jewish festival of Hannukah, are great for everyday carry (EDC) and are beautiful to display. Each is a work of art and a wonderful gift. This year, Hannukah begins at sundown on December 10.

The Horst Dreidels come in a variety of metals including aluminum, titanium and stainless steel, and are priced between $54 and $72. For purchase orders or for further information: 860-289-8209.

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