Klingberg Family Centers’ next Vintage Motorcar Event Coming Sept.26

Klingberg Family Centers’ next Vintage Motorcar Event will  include a car show for cars 1989 and older and a Pre-war Concours d’Elegance, on Saturday, September 26, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, at Klingberg Family Centers, 370 Linwood St., New Britain, CT.

All antique cars (1989 & older) will arrive early and be guided into display areas throughout the campus, with Pre-war Concours automobiles gathered into one area. Show cars will be placed with extra space between them for safety and so they can be appreciated fully by spectators.

Spectators will drive their own cars along a special spectator car travel lane winding through every field and parking lot of show cars. Guests can enjoy an adventure in automotive history along the approximately 20-minute drive. For the safety of all, there will be no spectators walking or exiting their cars.

Entrance fees for car owners and spectators will be waived this year to avoid the exchange of credit cards and cash. However, there will be opportunity and encouragement to make a donation. All proceeds go directly to support programs helping children and families who have been victims of trauma and abuse.  Go to www.KlingbergMotorcarSeries.org for more information.  

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