Come join the Historical Society to enjoy “The One Day Above All Others: A New England Thanksgiving”

For the people of colonial New England, the most exciting holiday of the year was Thanksgiving.  The colonists celebrated the harvest, their blessings, and renewed family ties and friendships.  Just as today, families traveled from afar to be together on this special day and people spent many hours and days in preparation for reunions and feasting.  And, just as today, a focal part of the celebration was a great Thanksgiving meal!

At a typical Glastonbury home, one would find people eating a small turkey and chicken pie (beef and pork would not be on the table since the weather was still too warm to preserve butchered cows and pigs).  Many pies would grace the table:  mince, squash, cranberry, and a favorite, Marlborough pudding.  There would be vegetables, fruits, cheeses and breads, and the meal would be ended by a variety of sweets.

Come join us in the celebration!  Tour our beautiful 1755 house, the barns and the property.  Colonial cook Lin Scarduzio and her assistants will be preparing several dishes in the fireplace.  Sample chicken pie, cranberry pie and the tasty Marlborough pudding – a lemon custard with apples. We look forward to your visit!

Phone 860-633-6890 or visit for events and more information.

Thanksgiving is Here!

Come join us to enjoy “The One Day Above All Others:

A New England Thanksgiving”

Where:   Welles-Shipman-Ward House

972 Main Street, South Glastonbury, CT

When:    Sunday, November 18, 2018

Time:     12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Cost:      $5 per person, free to members of the Historical Society of Glastonbury

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